Were you just diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy? Then you probably know that diabetic neuropathy is when your nerves malfunction and start causing pain even from simple activities. 

Looking for tips on how to cope with the symptoms or even reverse them? Then keep reading NutriNerve’s Beginners Guide to Diabetic Neuropathy to find out the best treatment path possible.

Step #1: Physical Therapy

The first thing you should do to help manage your diabetic neuropathy is to sign up for physical therapy. It makes your muscles and nerves stronger, which improves your balance. The stronger nerves and muscles may help reduce your neuropathy symptoms. The improved balance helps keep you safe because you’re less likely to fall. (The more advanced your neuropathy, the higher the probability that you will lose your balance at some point.)

Many doctors don’t know that physical therapy is helpful for diabetic neuropathy, so speak up during your next visit and get a referral for physical therapy.

Step #2: Low-Impact Exercise

If physical therapy is helpful because it stimulates nerve function, then general exercise should be beneficial, too, right? Not quite.

Taking up high-impact exercises like basketball or jump rope will almost certainly make your symptoms worse. However, low-impact activities like biking, swimming, or yoga are highly recommended. They increase blood flow and nerve conductivity without directly aggravating the nerves. Exercise alone won’t reverse your neuropathy, but it can help reduce neuropathy pain and slow down future nerve damage.

Step #3: Nerve Nutrition

Sadly, exercises alone won’t heal diabetic neuropathy. In many cases, diabetic neuropathy is caused by vitamin deficiencies that damage the nerves over many years. The specific deficiencies are always different for each person, but the core underlying issue almost always comes back to nutrition.

Luckily, studies show that if these five ingredients… 

  • Alpha lipoic acid;
  • Gamma-linolenic acid;
  • Vitamin B-1;
  • Vitamin B-12;
  • Vitamin D;

are permanently added to your diet, your body may repair most (if not all) of the nerve damage. Each of these ingredients have been scientifically proven to reverse nerve damage to a small degree. But, when taken together, they can reverse neuropathy in many cases. That’s why we created NutriNerve. It’s a clinically-proven formula containing all of these 5 ingredients and nothing else. It’s simple, easy, and uses only the highest quality ingredients. 


Now that you’ve read our beginner’s guide to diabetic neuropathy, you know that physical therapy and low-impact exercise are key to long-term success with neuropathy. You also know that exercise alone will only help you so much. If you really want to recover full nerve function, you should try NutriNerve.

So if you’re tired of the nerve pain, tingling, pins and needles, and numbness…

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