15 Feb, 2017

Diabetic Neuropathy Supplements Reported as the Better Choice for Neuropathy Patients

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With over 110 million individuals either living with diabetes, pre-diabetic or suffering from metabolic syndrome in the US alone, the scare of neuropathy or nerve damage development in diabetes is a constant scare. Out of every six people with pre-diabetes one will end up with neuropathy. Around 60-70 percent of [...]

30 Sep, 2016

A Breakthrough for Neuropathy

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Dr. Aaron Vinik outlines recent studies that give hope to finding a cure to neuropathy. There are now 30 million people with diabetes in the US. There are furthermore 80 million people with prediabetes and metabolic syndrome. About half the people with diabetes develop nerve damage or neuropathy which is the most common complication [...]

9 Feb, 2016

Five Nutrients To Regenerate Nerve Function Naturally

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When it comes to your health, it’s important to know what’s in your supplement. When Dr. Aaron Vinik created NutriNerve, he wanted a formula that addressed all of the causes of the stress the patients’ bodies were under. This called for a multi factor compound to treat neuropathy symptoms, one [...]

12 Oct, 2015

A Brief Introduction To Peripheral Neuropathy!

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People generally define nerve pain as a burning sensation usually in feet and hands. This nerve pain is the result of Peripheral neuropathy that damages the nerve cells, which are the primary cells of our nervous system. By increasing the sensitivity to touch, adding a discomfort in the life of [...]

29 Sep, 2015

Three Most Common Medications For Neuropathy Treatment!

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Depending on the cause, different drugs, pills, creams, diet plans, and therapies are available for effective neuropathy treatment. A patient may suffer from this disease due to diabetes, drugs and alcohol, infections, shingles, kidney failure, injuries, and vitamin deficiency. In researches, 40 drugs are identified which can cause this disease. [...]