Only one tick bite can cause a debilitating disorder named Lyme disease. 

Lyme affects the entire body and causes problems with your immune system and brain function. What is even more concerning is that the bacteria can lay dormant and still affect a patient long after being treated. This is the main reason why Lyme disease causes nerve damage. 

What Is Lyme Disease? 

Lyme disease is a severe condition that can disguise itself as several other health problems. Some of the symptoms include: 

  • muscle aches and pain 
  • chronic fatigue 
  • flu-like symptoms 
  • high fever 
  • migraines 
  • rashes 

If it is diagnosed early on, the symptoms can be treated with antibiotics. Still, if Lyme is left untreated, it can lead to long-lasting chronic symptoms, including nerve damage. 

How Does Lyme Disease Change The Nervous System? 

When this disease gets into the body, it takes a toll on the entire system. And if treatment isn’t administered fast, it can develop into chronic Lyme disease, which affects the nervous system. 

Bacteria attack the nervous system, causing neurological problems like: 

  • meningitis, inflammation of the brain membrane 
  • radiculitis, inflammation of the root of the nerves 
  • cranial neuritis, inflammation of the cranial nerves 

Nerve damage caused by Lyme disease can lead to symptoms like: 

  • facial palsy 
  • headaches 
  • vision problems 
  • dizziness 
  • vertigo and tinnitus 
  • light and noise sensitivity 
  • chronic fatigue 
  • chronic pain 
  • sensitivity to touch 
  • depression and anxiety 

Can Nerve Damage Caused By Lyme Disease Be Reversed? 

As mentioned above, it is very important to have Lyme disease diagnosed early on. If left untreated, it can cause peripheral neuropathy. Experts say that it might take several weeks or months for nerve damage symptoms to appear, which is why it can go undetected for quite some time. 

Luckily, Lyme disease patients can prevent and overcome this issue with a natural nerve pain relief supplement. 

NutriNerve was created to help the body recover from nerve damage by supplying all the necessary nutrients for nerve health. 

Usually, Lyme disease is treated with antibiotics. But these can cause significant vitamin depletion. 

As a result, the body experiences vitamin deficiencies, which can worsen the condition and lead to the early onset of nerve damage. 

This is why experts suggest a daily intake of NutriNerve. 

This natural formula can provide nerve pain relief, but it can do even more for your body! 

It is rich in Alpha Lipoic Acid, Gamma Linolenic Acid, Vitamin B1, B12, and D. This formula can offer relief from: 

  • stabbing pain in the feet 
  • numbness and burning sensations in the feet, hands, and lower legs 
  • sensitivity to touch
  • chronic pain and cramps 
  • loss of coordination and balance 

And studies show that NutriNerve encourages your body to heal on its own and promotes nerve health. 

So, if you aim to prevent vitamin deficiencies while helping your body recover from nerve damage, you can start taking this natural nerve pain relief supplement. And the best part about NutriNerve is that it can improve your immune system, increase energy levels, and decrease inflammation in the body! 

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