10 Aug, 2022

Here’s how to delay the signs of early onset diabetic neuropathy…

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If you have diabetes, you should pay close attention to the signs of early onset diabetic neuropathy. Neuropathy doesn’t happen overnight, and there can be several factors that can trigger it. The leading cause of nerve pain is diabetes. This condition is known as diabetic peripheral neuropathy and usually affects the nerves in [...]

26 Nov, 2020

An Exercise Routine Can Improve Diabetic Neuropathy Symptoms

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Peripheral neuropathy affects almost half of diabetic patients, triggering chronic pain, numbness, tingling, and burning sensations.  It is a serious condition that can impact your quality of life. Luckily, you can use these health tips to diminish the discomfort and regain control over your life.  Exercises Offer Benefits For Diabetic Neuropathy Patients  Even though it might seem [...]

24 Sep, 2020

Do You Have Neuropathy? You Can Access Social Security Benefits!

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Diabetic neuropathy patients may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits since this is one of the most frequent diabetes complications.  Indeed, getting a nerve damage diagnosis alone will not always deem you eligible for financial assistance. But if you're struggling with diabetes as well, your chances for qualifying increase.  How To Get Social Security Benefits [...]

17 Sep, 2020

Diabetic Neuropathy: How A Natural Nerve Pain Supplement Can Get You Control Over Your Life Once Again

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If you have diabetes, it is likely that you'll develop nerve damage caused by diabetes.  The risk increases as you get older and the longer you have diabetes.  Studies show that out of every six people with pre-diabetes, one develops nerve damage.  Around 65% of people with diabetes will suffer from one type of neuropathy.  [...]

6 Aug, 2020

Slowing Down Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

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Are you struggling with nerve damage caused by diabetes?  This condition can lead to numbness, tingling, and chronic pain in your hands and feet.  Doctors call it diabetic peripheral neuropathy because it is a frequent complication of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.  So, it’s a type of nerve damage caused by having increased blood sugar levels.  You [...]

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