6 Apr, 2021

What Is Causing Tingling In My Feet?

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  If you’re struggling with tingling in your feet, you’re not alone! Many people face this problem, and it can happen for many reasons. For most people, tingling in the feet isn’t a reason for concern.  However…  When tingling in your feet becomes persistent, you should seek medical advice. This pins and needles sensation may be a symptom of a [...]

23 Mar, 2021

Proper Nutrition Affects Nerve Health

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Many people have nerve damage caused by accidents or illness. But some nerve pain and numbness can be triggered by a lack of vitamins and minerals in your diet. Your food offers fuel for your activities and represents a much-needed supply of nutrients for restorative processes in the body.  Minerals and vitamins are important [...]

10 Dec, 2020

Is Your Skin Sensitive To Touch – Here Are The Best Natural Remedies

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If you’re struggling with skin sensitivity, you’re not alone! Skin sensitivity to touch is a common problem associated with nerve damage problems.  The medical term for this is allodynia, and it refers to a condition characterized by extreme sensitivity to touch and pain. There are numerous causes for allodynia, along with useful natural [...]

29 Oct, 2020

Can You Treat Lyme Disease With Vitamins?

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Lyme Disease is caused by a microorganism named Borrelia Burgdorferi. Usually, it is transmitted to people via tick bite. Infected people experience high fever, chronic fatigue, skin rashes, and headaches. Recent studies indicate that vitamins might help treat Lyme Disease.   Is Lyme Disease concerning?  As declared by the Centers for Disease [...]

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