23 Jan, 2020

How Rondo Got Rid Of His “Pins And Needles?”

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Rondo didn’t know what else to do. He’d been diagnosed with leukemia about 10 years ago and had spent years keeping it under control with natural methods… But when one test came back with alarming results, he decided to take a more aggressive approach and signed up for chemotherapy. The [...]

17 Jan, 2020

How Helen Found A Solution She Wasn’t Expecting

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Helen couldn't believe what her doctor had just told her... She only had a few more months until retirement, why was this happening now? The Problem Helen was in her mid-sixties, and it had all started with a brand new pair of shoes. They had felt fine when she tried [...]

9 Jan, 2020

How Jonathan Scratched His Itch

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Jonathan was a 65-year old retired history teacher, looking to spend his golden years traveling in Europe. He'd been diagnosed with diabetes a few years before... But learned to manage that pretty well. His biggest complaint was that he itched constantly. He just couldn't get rid of it. Then, he started [...]

19 Dec, 2019

How Susan Found Relief From Her Nerve Pain

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Susan's Story Susan was a 52-year old nurse who loved cooking and spending time with her grandkids. She was on her feet almost all day, so when her feet started hurting at the end of each day, she thought it was just old age. Then, her feet started hurting even [...]

3 Apr, 2019

The Importance of B-1 and B12 Vitamins for Neuropathy & Nerve Pain

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While conventional treatments are available to treat neuropathy, researchers are investigating the use of supplements and the development of nerve cells. Often, patients prefer supplements to other complex treatment options considering there are fewer side effects. Supplements may extend its benefits to other areas of your health and well-being. Vitamins [...]