14 May, 2020

How To Get Rid Of Numbness In Your Feet From Neuropathy

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Numbness and tingling got you down? Believe it or not, I know some things about you. First, you're a neuropathy sufferer! Second, you really want to get rid of the numbness in your feet. In fact, what you want most in this area of your life right now is to [...]

9 Jan, 2019

Do Vitamins Help With Nerve Pain Management?

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Pain management is meant to reduce the level of pain a person has. It covers a range of conditions such as postoperative pain, neuropathic pain and sciatica. Pain management is a growing specialty which includes groundbreaking approaches to treat various conditions. Dr. Aaron Vinik, M.D., director of Research and Neuroendocrine [...]

19 Dec, 2018

Treating Lyme Disease with Vitamins

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Many people don't know what causes Lyme Disease, but it's due to the microorganism Spirochete called Borrelia burgdorferi and is typically transmitted to people because of a tick bite or rather an infected black-legged tick. Infected people will have a fever, experience fatigue, develop a skin rash (erythema migraines), and [...]

28 Nov, 2018

What is the Best Treatment for Nerve Pain?

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Do you know someone suffering from chronic pain? It could be what physicians call neuropathic pain. Generally, neuropathy symptoms stem from an injury, infection or a common disease. On the other hand, it doesn't depend on any particular cause. You'll be glad to know there's help and healing available, but [...]

29 Oct, 2018

Did You Know There’s Natural Pain Relief for Fibromyalgia?

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If you were to define fibromyalgia syndrome, what would you say to someone? Could you explain how as a central pain disorder experts still can't identify the cause? However, they do know fibromyalgia exists because the central nervous system processes pain differently. The pain is prevalent especially in diabetic sufferers, [...]