27 Feb, 2020

Can Peripheral Neuropathy Be Treated?

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When you first encountered the term "Peripheral Neuropathy," you probably didn't know exactly what it meant or how to treat it. It's sometimes easier to understand medical terms like these if we break the word up into its parts. What Is Neuropathy? Neuropathy can be defined simply as “nerve damage” [...]

25 Oct, 2019

How to Treat Skin Sensitive to Touch with Natural Remedies

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Allodynia is the medical term for skin sensitive to touch but nothing there. The slightest touch to a person with extra sensitive skin causes pain. Just so you're aware, allodynia is not a condition but rather it's a sign there are other issues to address. There are many possible reasons [...]

11 Sep, 2019

Best Supplements for Neuropathy and Nerve Pain

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You’re not alone if you’re experiencing neuropathy and nerve pain. Not only that, but sufferers describe sciatica pain as some of the worse pain a person could have. Millions of people are looking for relief from the stabbing, burning, or stinging sensations caused by damaged nerves. The same patients have [...]

9 Jul, 2019

Exercise for Patients with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

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Peripheral neuropathy is a serious disease which affects nearly half of diabetic patients. It's the most common form of neuropathy, and a person can experience it in a number ways: symmetric or asymmetric, autonomic or peripheral, sensory or somatic. Patients suffer with tingling sensations, burning, or stabbing pains. Eventually these [...]

9 Jan, 2019

Do Vitamins Help With Nerve Pain Management?

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Pain management is meant to reduce the level of pain a person has. It covers a range of conditions such as postoperative pain, neuropathic pain and sciatica. Pain management is a growing specialty which includes groundbreaking approaches to treat various conditions. Dr. Aaron Vinik, M.D., director of Research and Neuroendocrine [...]