Peripheral neuropathy is a serious disease that is commonly occurring among people as they grow old. It is a condition in which the nerves are damaged to the extent that connection to brain and spinal cord is broken. This results in communication breakdown between brain and other body parts. As a result, muscle movement weakens and it also prevents arms & legs from getting sensations which can cause pain.

Nerve damage occurs due to a number of causes such as diseases, infections, injuries etc. The following are some of the causes to peripheral neuropathy:

Diabetes: Diabetes is one of the major causes to peripheral neuropathy. Nerve damage is most commonly seen among people who have had diabetes for years and condition is severe for the people who have had difficulty in controlling their diabetes. Also, the people who suffer from high blood pressure, have elevated blood lipids and are overweight, they are at more risk of getting peripheral neuropathy.

Vitamin Deficiencies: Poor diet and deficiency of vitamins such as Vitamin B12 and folate can cause nerve damage. Having a proper balanced diet consisting of healthy foods, leafy vegetables and fruits is very important for all.

Inherited diseases: Some uncommon genetic or inherited diseases can affect nerves and can result in causing peripheral neuropathy. These inherited diseases are considered responsible for causing some types of neuropathy. The common examples include Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and Friedreich’s ataxia.

Alcoholism: Consuming alcohol in excess often results in peripheral neuropathy. The exact cause for nerve damage due to alcoholism is unknown, but it possibly arises because of the damage to nerves by alcohol combined with poor diet and related vitamin deficiencies commonly seen in alcoholics.

Drugs and medications: Some types of drugs and medications can cause peripheral neuropathy. Some of the cancer therapies medications such as Vincasar, Oncovin can cause nerve damage. Also, the antibiotics like isoniazid and metronidazole can cause some type of neuropathy.

Nerve Injury or Trauma: Injury to nerves or trauma, including prolonged pressure on nerves or group of nerves is a common cause of neuropathy. Also, ischemia, decreased blood flow to nerves can also result in long term nerve damage.

Finding Effective Treatment to Peripheral Neuropathy

A number of treatment methods are available to peripheral neuropathy. Medical practitioners suggest antidepressants such as tricyclics or anticonvulsants as successful therapy to nerve damage. Also, certain types of pain killers are prescribed to patients for neuropathic pain relief and other symptoms. Other therapies include massages, regular exercising and having proper balanced nutritional diet.

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