Rondo didn’t know what else to do.

He’d been diagnosed with leukemia about 10 years ago and had spent years keeping it under control with natural methods…

But when one test came back with alarming results, he decided to take a more aggressive approach and signed up for chemotherapy.

The treatment was debilitating, and he vomited a lot.

After the chemotherapy, his blood tests normalized, and he leukemia disappeared but left him with an unexpected side effect.

The Problem

He had a near-constant feeling of “pins and needles” on his hands. 

He couldn’t hold cups, open doors, or even shake hands anymore.

This would be a significant problem for anyone, but for Rondo, who was a chiropractor…

It meant the loss of his livelihood and income.

Rondo spent years researching and had some minor success with a few alternatives treatments…

But he still couldn’t work…

And he was at a turning point in his life.

That’s when he found NutriNerve.

The Plan

Rondo found and read the reviews and testimonials. 

He read the ingredients and, even though he’d already used all of them…

He’d never put them all together like that. 

He also read that the treatment could take as much as 4 months to take effect.

This comforted him because he knew that healing the body properly would take time.

After his bottles arrived, he read through the instructions carefully (like any good doctor should)…

And began taking them.


Rondo’s results were not immediate.

In fact, he felt no real difference for about 4 weeks…

And even then it was minor.

The second month also didn’t show much improvement.

By the third month though, Rondo finally had some real relief from the “pins and needles.”

He was getting excited.

And just like the claim on the site, after the fourth month, his “pins and needles” were completely gone.

A few weeks after that, he was able to start practicing chiropractic again.

The Proof is in The Pudding

Wanting to put NutriNerve to the test, Rondo stopped taking NutriNerve after 6 months of use. 

Just as gradually as his relief had come…

It began to fade away, and the “pins and needles” came back.

But somehow less this time.

Rondo decided to subscribe to the NutriNerve to make sure he would never run out.


Rondo suffered from severe “pins and needles” in his hands and lost his livelihood as a chiropractor. 

Because of NutriNerve, he was able to get rid of the pain in his hands and return to work.

If you’re like Rondo and suffer from neuropathy in any form…

And you’d like to have the results that Rondo has…

Here’s what you need to do:

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