Many studies discuss the link between vitamin D deficiency and diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Research reveals that insufficient vitamin D can worsen your neuropathy symptoms. So, more and more medical practitioners agree that natural pain relief supplements with vitamin D can lower glucose levels and neuropathic pain. This is excellent news for patients struggling with both nerve pain and balance problems.  


Why is vitamin D different from other nutrients? 

Vitamin D is essential for our well-being. And plenty of studies indicate this vitamin functions similarly to a hormone. This means vitamin D works as a messenger rather than a participant in metabolism. Experts believe that a vitamin D deficiency interferes with how organs function. People with diabetes have low vitamin D levels, which causes additional symptoms, including neurological ones. 


How does vitamin D help with nerve pain? 

Nowadays, it is believed that there is a clear connection between vitamin deficiencies and nerve damage. Our bodies require plenty of minerals and vitamins to support our overall health. Usually, the core symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency include pain in the legs, pelvis, and spine. Many patients notice general muscle weakness and balance problems. 

Vitamin D might help prevent bone diseases. 

One of the main benefits of vitamin D is that it might help prevent bone disease. This means it can strengthen your bones and help you manage pain. Vitamin D enables calcium and phosphate absorption, which supports healthy, strong bones. 

Vitamin D might reduce the risk of diabetes. 

Vitamin D might be able to increase insulin sensitivity and diminish inflammation. These potential benefits might reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Also, vitamin D might help manage diabetes and lessen its symptoms, including nerve pain. 

Vitamin D might support brain health. 

A small study indicates that vitamin D might plain an essential role in cognitive function. Promising results show it can lower the risk of dementia. Moreover, it might help manage different neurodegenerative diseases. Patients with nerve damage report an improvement in their symptoms and overall mood after regular intake of vitamin D supplements. 


What to do if you struggle with nerve pain? 

You should start by discussing it with a doctor. He can perform blood tests to determine whether you’re experiencing any vitamin deficiencies. After that, you can consider including a natural pain relief supplement in your diet. 

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