Are you having a hard time managing nerve pain? Below are some simple exercises to lower your chronic pain starting today. Living an active life and following a healthy meal plan are essential for overcoming nerve damage symptoms. 

So, keep reading if you’re tired of living with stabbing, tingling, and numbing pain. Our experts share their top exercises for lowering chronic pain with a fantastic bonus at the end of the article! 


Take a daily walk and enjoy some time spent in the sun. 

The first thing you can do to lower chronic pain is to walk for 30 minutes a day. Start with a mild stretch before you begin walking. Start small if you’re having difficulty walking. Set your goal for a 5-minute walk per day and gradually increase over time. 


Consider aerobic exercises 

Low-impact exercises help your body heal from within. These encourage your muscles and nerves to work together and decrease chronic pain. Some of the best exercises for neuropathy include swimming and cycling. 


Include resistance training 

Resistance training is all about supporting balance and flexibility. Including resistance exercises in your routine is vital for your health. Do some pushups and sit-ups, depending on your comfort level and flexibility. 


Don’t forget to stretch 

Did you know that the most beneficial exercise for nerve pain is stretching? Start your day by stretching your arms, legs, feet, and neck. It shouldn’t be a lengthy routine. Simply moving your joints side to side or up and down can do wonders for your pain. 


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Focus on making at least one of these activities your goal. And, of course, discuss your new exercise routine with your doctor. You’ll receive personalized recommendations to manage chronic pain. 


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