Do you know the five nutrients that can regenerate nerve function naturally? 

Well, the answer is in this article! 

The NutriNerve formula was created by Dr. Aaron Vinik, who understood the power of natural ingredients. 

And as a result, this natural nerve pain supplement aims to address all stress factors in our bodies that might lead to nerve damage. 

This dietary supplement aims to relieve nerve pain and restore nerve health for all forms of neuropathy. 

And since it is an all-natural antioxidant supplement, it aids your body repair itself on a cellular level. 

The NutriNerve formula features ingredients that can decrease inflammation, rebuild and restore nerve health, and diminish the underlying cause of neuropathy: oxidative stress. 

Studies show that the five nutrients in NutriNerve can help nerve function regenerate naturally. 

#1 Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) 

Studies reveal that Gamma Linolenic Acid can support nerve health and improve diabetic neuropathy symptoms. 

It is derived from borage seed oil, a natural extract that can: 

  • diminish swelling, and pain,  
  • prevent heart disease,  
  • and protect against stroke. 

#2 Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) 

Alpha Lipoic Acid helps manage: 

  • stabbing and burning pain,  
  • the feeling of pins and needles,  
  • and feet numbness.  

Studies show that a daily intake of ALA for at least five weeks can significantly improve and delay the progression of diabetic neuropathy.  

Also, this compound can restore nerve health and promote adequate blood flow. 

#3 Vitamin B1 

Vitamin B1 has several health benefits. It can prevent inflammation and can help control neuropathic pain.  

Overall, Vitamin B1 supports the functioning of the nervous system and boosts nerve health. Research shows that a Vitamin B1 deficiency can worsen the tingling sensation in the arms and legs.  

So, taking a nerve pain supplement rich in Vitamin B1 can help you manage your neuropathy symptoms and decrease your discomfort. 

#4 Vitamin B12 

Vitamin B12 is necessary to restore blood flow and support the normal functioning of the nervous system.  

Experts believe that taking a supplement with Vitamin B12 prevents additional nerve damage and delays the progression of neuropathy. 

#5 Vitamin D 

Vitamin D is responsible for minerals absorption and supports bone and muscle health. 

Studies indicate that Vitamin D has potent anti-inflammatory effects, which can be beneficial for nerve damage patients. 

Regular intake of Vitamin D supplements might relieve chronic pain and discomfort. 


These are the five nutrients that can help restore nerve health naturally. 

And if you’re wondering, how to diminish numbness, tingling, and burning sensations… 

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