Jonathan was a 65-year old retired history teacher, looking to spend his golden years traveling in Europe.

He’d been diagnosed with diabetes a few years before…

But learned to manage that pretty well.

His biggest complaint was that he itched constantly.

He just couldn’t get rid of it.

Then, he started getting a little tingling in his legs…

Mostly at night, when he went to bed.

His legs would tingle (below the knees), and he’d have to keep his feet uncovered.

That made it really hard to sleep.

When he finally did get to sleep, he woke up tired and…


It seemed like his feet started hurting earlier and earlier in the day, too…

And he was getting worried that he wouldn’t be able to walk around the coliseum the way he’d always dreamed.

What’s worse, he couldn’t find any doctors to help him out.

One doctor even told him to give up on his dream to see Rome.

He was starting to lose hope.

The Plan

That’s when he found NutriNerve created by Dr. Vinik.

He started taking NutriNerve, hoping to feel rapid change

But didn’t really feel any different after the first week.

At 2 weeks, there wasn’t much change.

At 6 weeks, Jonathan thought that he might be sleeping a little bit better…

But maybe that was just because summer was starting.

He still itched all the time.

At 8 weeks, Jonathan contacted Dr. Vinik and accused him of false advertising.

“I’ve been using your product for 2 months, and I don’t feel any different.” said Jonathan.

“It doesn’t work like that.” said Dr. Vinik. “It will take between 3 and 4 months before you start to feel the difference.”

“Why so long?”

“Because you have a lot of nerve damage, and it will take a while for your body to heal.”

Frustrated but determined, Jonathan kept taking NutriNerve and tried to distract himself by watching college football.

The Results

When the 3rd month was finishing up, Jonathan noticed something different.

When he felt an itch…

And then scratched it…

The itch went away. 

He hadn’t been able to do that for years.

It was such a relief that Jonathan almost couldn’t believe it.

A few days later, he was sleeping with his feet covered.

A few weeks later, he went a whole day without foot pain.

“That settles it.” said Jonathan. “I’m going to buy my plane tickets.”


The pain, the tingling, and the itch took years away from Jonathan’s life and kept him from traveling Europe. When Jonathan finally found NutriNerve, it took months for his nerves to heal. It wasn’t magic, and he still occasionally feels the slight “tingle” or itch, even though he continues to take NutriNerve to this day.

“NutriNerve was the one thing that really helped.” Jonathan said.

“It let me do what the other doctors said I couldn’t. It let me see Rome.”

If you’re like Jonathan, and you’ve got dreams to achieve, but your neuropathy is slowing you down…

Here’s what you need to do…

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