Do you want to get rid of your numb feet and nerve pain so you can get back to your active lifestyle?

Have you experienced failure with managing your nerve pain in the past, and now what really petrifies you is that your neuropathy is getting worse?

And if it gets bad enough, you might lose your active lifestyle.

No more golf…

No more cycling…

No more traveling…

No more family events.

That’s the situation Paul was in as a 63-year-old grandfather of 15.

He’d been active most of his life, traveled internationally almost every year, and played golf in amateur tournaments around the country.

He even climbed Mount Rainier 5 years ago with 3 of his older grandchildren.

That’s when he first noticed his numb feet.

At first, he thought it might be a temporary side effect of the mountain climb.

But after extensive testing at the clinic and hospital…

The doctors told him he had “peripheral neuropathy,” which was why his feet were numb sometimes.

They also told him it would only get worse.

Not one to take bad news lying down…

Paul started researching for alternative and experimental treatments for peripheral neuropathy.

He spent years trying different vitamins and exercises.

He even had a little bit of success with methylcobalamin and Vitamin B-12.

But despite all the work and experimentation…

His numb feet got more frequent and more painful.

And he couldn’t find a way out.

-Sound familiar?

Well, here’s some good news for a change…

First, you’re not alone!

Second, did you know neuropathy can affect anyone at any age, and we don’t really know why?

It’s true. In fact, what’s holding you back is that most neuropathy medications are really just pain killers.

What’s wrong with pain killers?

They shut down your nerves.

That, by the way, is the definition of neuropathy.

You read that right.

Pain killers accelerate nerve degeneration.

So the actual issue here is that the “old way” of just treating the symptoms (like numb feet) is actually contributing to the problem!

It doesn’t resolve the core problem.

And third!

It’s NOT you…

It’s NOT your will power, your “old” body, your intelligence, or your lack of ability.

The even better news?

The NEW NutriNerve formula is turning the peripheral neuropathy world on its head!


By getting rid of the numb feet, pins and needles, and itching symptoms that come with neuropathy.

In other words, real results – guaranteed.

So, if you’ve got numb feet, nerve pain, peripheral neuropathy, or have to sleep with your feet uncovered because the sheets “hurt”…

Here’s what you need to do:

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