Susan’s Story

Susan was a 52-year old nurse who loved cooking and spending time with her grandkids.

She was on her feet almost all day, so when her feet started hurting at the end of each day, she thought it was just old age.

Then, her feet started hurting even on the weekend…

…And in the morning before she went to work.

At night was the worst because the burning sensation in her feet wouldn’t let her sleep.

She tried custom insoles, foot creams, stretching, and even acupuncture without relief.

Within just a few months, her feet hurt so much she was put on the highest doses of prescription pain killers available.

But even those stopped working after a few months.

Within a year, Susan had to file for government disability support because just walking down the hallway was excruciating.

Out of work, in pain, and unable to do any of the activities she loved, Susan was depressed and gaining weight.

That’s when a new healthcare practitioner told Susan about NutriNerve, and how it helped other patients get rid of the numbness and pain in their feet.

Susan was not very keen on yet another supplement (even one that had a money-back guarantee), but after suffering for years with debilitating neuropathy…

She decided to try it out.

The Plan

The routine was simple enough:

Just take 2 NutriNerve soft gels every morning and every night.

“But you have to promise me you’ll take it for at least 6 months, okay?” The doctor told Susan.

“Why so long?” said Susan.

“Because NutriNerve isn’t a pain killer. It actually helps your nerves regenerate, and that takes time.”

So Susan stopped taking her other pain killers

…which weren’t helping anyway…

And started taking NutriNerve with breakfast and dinner each day.

But after three of the most painful months of her life, she was thinking about giving up and just looking for another painkiller…

But her doctor reminded her of her promise to hold on for three more months.

So, she did.

The Results

Toward the end of month 4, Susan woke up, walked to the bathroom, and was looking at herself in the mirror when she realized…

Her feet didn’t hurt.

She walked back to her bed and sat down.

No pain.

She walked into the kitchen…

And around the house…

No pain.

She could hardly believe it.

She walked back to bed, woke up her husband, and told him everything.

He was also excited but cautious and told her to rest a bit more.

But Susan couldn’t contain herself anymore and went straight to the kitchen.

She cooked eggs, bacon, hash browns, sausage, and toast for herself and her husband.

All, with no pain.


After suffering from debilitating neuropathy for years, giving up her favorite activities, and losing her job, Susan finally found relief in NutriNerve, which she continues to take daily.

“It took for months to heal, but once it happened, it was like night and day. And I’ve been on the product ever since that time, and it’s been just phenomenal.”

So, if you’re like Susan, and you’re looking for relief from your nerve pain…

Here’s what you need to do…

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