nervous systemNeuropathy is a disease caused due to damaged or destroyed nerves. It is our Nervous system that connects the brain and spinal with all other parts of the human body. This system is responsible for the transmission of signals about sensation to the brain. When nerves of a specific body parts are damaged, pain signals are sent to the brain. In some cases, no pain signals are sent to the brain even if there is an injury in the affected area. A patient suffering from this disorder can feel numbness, sharp pains and cramps and tingling or burning sensation. Sometimes these pains can be terribly unbearable. You cannot even walk.

 Peripheral or diabetic neuropathy caused due to deficiency of vitamin can be cured with proper diet and vitamin therapy. Alcohol abuse is another cause of neuropathic pains. Nerve damage due consumption of alcohol can be controlled by giving up alcohol. Controlling and monitoring the level of sugar in the blood is helpful in controlling and reducing symptoms of neuropathy.

Several drugs and pills are available to control symptoms and alleviate neuropathic pains. After decades of research, expert neurologists developed NutriNerve. These pills can relieve unbearable neuropathic pains safely and effectively at a cost less than two dollars a day. There are several effective natural remedies for both peripheral and diabetic neuropathy. It is always better to remain in touch with an experienced neurologist.