If you’re asking yourself if there is a link between aging and neuropathy, this article is for you! We know that aging is a complicated process. But what is more concerning is that studies show chronic pain caused by neuropathy gets worse as you age. Increased pain levels can cause a lot of discomfort and lower your quality of life. 

Before you get too discouraged, keep reading. Below we share our insights on neuropathic pain and a natural pain relief supplement to help you overcome your symptoms! 


Chronic pain linked to neuropathy… 

The common symptoms of neuropathy include: neck pain, joint pain, and nerve pain. The most common causes include: 

  • Osteoarthritis involves the breakdown of your bones and joint cartilage. It can cause discomfort to your neck, back, and joints. 
  • Tendinitis causes inflammation of the tendons. 
  • Neuropathy often happens as you age, and it is caused by nerve damage. 


Is chronic pain concerning? 

Yes, chronic pain should be taken seriously. Aging means there are changes in the structure, function, and chemistry of your brain and nervous system. For example, chronic pain caused by neuropathy can lead to sleep and mood disorders, diminished quality of life, and even cognitive decline. 


Is there a treatment for neuropathic pain? 

There are different approaches to chronic pain. Exercise, medication, and natural pain relief supplements can help you improve your quality of life. 

  • Exercise: strength training and cardiovascular exercises can reduce chronic pain. You should discuss with a therapist about your concerns to receive professional advice on the best exercises for chronic pain. 
  • Medication: depending on your condition, your doctor may prescribe medication. This is meant to help you manage the pain and heal. 




The best thing you can do to manage neuropathy is to take a natural pain relief supplement. 

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