Pain in your hands can be a symptom of many health conditions. Your hands are delicate and have 27 bones. The joints and muscles in your hand help you perform precise movements. However, your hands are vulnerable to injuries. The leading causes of pain in your hands include inflammation and nerve damage. This article discusses the top reasons why you have pain in your hands. 


#1 Arthritis 

One of the common causes of pain in your hands can be arthritis. This is a condition that causes inflammation of one or more joints. It can happen anywhere in the body, but it is more frequent in the hands. 


#2 Carpal tunnel syndrome 

The base of your hand has a narrow ligament and bone known as the carpal tunnel. It protects the median nerve and the tendons that allow you to move your fingers. People develop carpal tunnel syndrome when a narrowing of the tunnel compresses the median nerve. There are many causes for this, including inflammation and irritated tendons. 


#3 Injury 

A traumatic injury can cause a lot of pain in your hands. Fractures can cause a lot of discomfort and heal poorly if you don’t seek medical help. Remember that a poorly managed traumatic injury to your hands can lead to permanent pain and changes in your hand’s dexterity. 


#4 Peripheral neuropathy 

Another cause of pain in your hands is peripheral neuropathy. This serious condition leads to weakness, numbness, and pain in your hands and feet. Different things can lead to nerve damage in your hands, including metabolic problems, infections, diabetes, and traumatic injuries. 

Keep in mind that the location and type of neuropathic pain depend on which nerves are affected. The leading symptoms of peripheral neuropathy are: 

  • Tingling and numbness in your hands or feet that comes on gradually 
  • Burning pain 
  • Increased sensitivity in your hands and feet 
  • Balance and coordination problems 


What to do if you have pain in your hands? 

If you’re struggling with pain in your hands, you should have a complete medical check-up. Identifying the cause will help you understand the situation and the best approach for it. Lifestyle changes are a must, especially for seniors. So, you should consider including a natural pain relief supplement in your meal plan. NutriNerve is a good fit for you if you have difficulty managing the pain in your hands. It is rich in vitamins and minerals that support nerve health and promote healing from within. 

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