David’s Story

David was 68, a retired Air Force Pilot, and an all-around active guy.

His father had died from a heart attack at 69, so he wanted to take much better care of his health than his father.

(He secretly wanted to be the first in his family to turn 100!)

He also loved being in nature and would run, bike, and hike at least three times a week.

And was thinking of running his first full marathon, but…

That’s when a strange discomfort started in his feet. 

At first, it was minor, and he thought it might just be age catching up with him.

Down Hill

But when the swelling started, he knew that something more complex than “age” was happening.

He went to see the doctor who prescribed a handful of pain medications and ointments…

But David refused them all.

He knew what the side effects would be and didn’t want to risk becoming a part of the opioid epidemic.

He tried several natural remedies, like chiropractors, acupuncture, and herbs…

But nothing really helped.

Everything went downhill when a needle-like tingling started, and he couldn’t sleep.

Without rest to recover his energy, pretty soon David was stuck in front of the TV almost all day.

He was angry, frustrated, and hated walking around his house because every step felt like he was stepping on Legos.


David’s younger sister, Hope, had struggled with peripheral neuropathy for years and told him about NutriNerve.

At first, David wasn’t interested…

…he’d already tried tons of natural remedies…

But as time went on, he saw his sister able to do things he couldn’t, and she swore it was because of NutriNerve.

So he finally got a bottle for himself and started taking them. 

Within weeks, David was walking around his house like he used to.

And oh! The blessed sleep!

The needles were gone, and he could sleep again.

After about three months using NutriNerve, David was out on the trails again…

Hiking, biking, and running.


David had sudden-onset peripheral neuropathy, and traditional methods were ineffective for him. After using NutriNerve for only a few months, David was able to return to his previous routine and continue his active lifestyle. David is now 75 years old and continues to take NutriNerve daily.

If you suffer from diabetic neuropathy and want results like David had

Here’s what you need to do…

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