Since I started NutriNerve this is the longest I have been without the debilitating nerve pain and pins & needles (more like steak knives & forks) up and down the front of my thighs and  NOTHING, not prescription pain medication, omega fish oils and many other herbal concoctions could touch the pain. Not like NutriNerve. Can’t live without it!

T Wilson

As a doctor of chiropractic and a leukemia patient, I straddle the line between traditional and alternative medicine. The traditional treatment of chemotherapy has left me with paresthesias in my hands and feet and unable to practice. The traditional treatment for this condition has helped but it wasn’t until I started using NutriNerve that I began to see real improvement in my symptoms.I felt relief from the paresthesias and the symptoms of the pins and needles diminished greatly while I was using NutriNerve.  The relief came on gradually and after I ran out, the pin and needles returned. I feel that there has been a residual positive effect from the NutriNerve. It is my true hope that with the use of NutriNerve I will be able to return to chiropractic practice.

D Cancel

It was very uncomfortable for me to wear shoes and socks, but NutriNerve helped and it’s a wonderful product.

H Deutsch

I felt burning and stinging sensations in my feet, had difficulty walking and chronic pain and after taking NutriNerve for 3 months, overnight I felt relief. NutriNerve made an incredible change by bringing my quality of life back.

P Underleider

Before NutriNerve I had tingling in my legs below my knees at night and I had to keep my feet uncovered. NutriNerve significantly helped cut down on my pain.

D Quisenberry

I was a runner, biker and a very active guy. Then the discomfort began with numbness, needle like tingling and walking on marbles along with swelling is what was happening in my feet. Welcome to periphial neuropathy. My good doctor prescribed ointment and recommended medication he could prescribe to relieve my symptoms. However, I declined his recommendations. I talked to my sister and she gave me some of her NutriNerve. WOW, within a few weeks all my symptoms went away! I have continued at age 75 taking NutriNerve all these years and am enjoying a very active lifestyle.

D King

I am a firm believer in NutriNerve. Since I was put on NutriNerve by my physician, my neuropathy is greatly improved with less numbness and more hot and cold sensation in my feet.

J Thompson

I had neuropathy in my legs and feet and could barely walk. Dr. Vinik did several things to help me and one recommendation was to take NutriNerve. It helped heal my nerve endings and I still take it to protect them. Today, I can walk, run and wear high heels!

K Roach

Approximately 4 years ago I was diagnosed with idiopathic peripheral neuropathy. The neurologist prescribed the usual medications, but I found I got little relief from the pain, and did not want to take high dosages of medications because of the side effects. My neuropathy progressed to the point where I stopped scheduling any activities that required more than a few minutes of walking or standing. After trying many types of alternative therapies I found NutriNerve. It has dramatically changed my life in that I can, and do, many activities that I thought I would never be able to do again, with a significant improvement in my pain I can sleep at nights and am back to travelling.

J LiBethe, Ph.D

I have been a patient of Dr. Aaron Vinik’s for over 10 years. In order to do so, I travel from Pittsburgh, Pa. to Norfolk, VA to see him.  The trip is well worth the effort because he really knows his stuff.  He has recommended NutriNerve to me.  In his extensive practice he created NutriNerve, which is a properly proportioned mixture of four major ingredients: Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Gamma-Linolenic Acid, Benfotiamine and Vitamin C to be particularly efficacious.  I have taken NutriNerve daily in the dose recommended by Dr. Aaron Vinik since January 2008 and it has made quite a positive difference in the severity and progression of my neuropathy symptoms.

E Kline

I’m fortunate to be a ten year patient of Dr. Vinik’s, traveling from Washington to Norfolk to see him twice yearly.   My neuropathy was in its early stages when Dr. Vinik had me on his over-the-counter anti-oxidant mixture of Borage Oil, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Benfotiamine and Vitamin C which, I believe, later became the basis for NutriNerve.  I have been taking NutriNerve twice daily since it was introduced and I have the utmost confidence in it as I do in Dr. Vinik.

D Drumheller

NutriNerve’s pills are easy to take, the continuity program has been very efficient and since taking NurtiNerve the electrical charges in my legs have gone away.

S Eisenberg

After two months of taking NutriNerve I have seen about a 40% improvement in all my Neuropathy symptoms.

Dr. Robert Seeherman

I’ve seen Dr. Aaron Vinik for years and he recommended that I take NutriNerve for my Neuropathy.  At night I had stabbing burning pain in my toes and my feet were extremely sensitive.  All the symptoms disappeared after I had been taking NutriNerve for about 4-6 weeks.

Dr. Alan Jaffe

NutriNerve helped ease diabetic neuropathy in my feet after 3 months. I will continue usage!

N Lippman

Since taking NutriNerve, my neuropathy has definitely been arrested and I have even regained some of the feeling in my extremities. Great product!

H Morgan

I have bi-lateral neuropathy and was having trouble with tingling in my feet at bedtime with little or no feeling on the soles of my feet (I could have walked on hot coals). My doctor recommended NutriNerve and I have been taking it for over a year, and have seen a remarkable improvement. The improvements started at the 4 month mark. I have some feeling back in the soles and the tingling has stopped. Definitely made sleeping easier and now I can feel the hot sand at the beach.

Joe D

I have neuropathy on my left foot due to a diabetic complication. I’m also an amputee from the upper right knee. Neuropathy on my right foot got so bad it had to be amputated. I got real scared into thinking that my left foot is next and I can’t imagine my both legs amputated. Until I tried NutriNerve, within three weeks the pain was starting to go away. I can feel no pain when I lay my foot against the floor. Now I can see the light at the end of tunnel. Thank you NutriNerve!!

Romeo A

I Can’t remember how I first found Nutrinerve, but when I bought it before it was available at Amazon, it was expensive and subject to UK tax. It was for my sister in Uganda whose life was an absolute misery. I got a bottle and sent it to her and I did that for two years. Her life has been transformed. Nutrinerve has solved a major nerve problem in her leg which had defied all medical interventions. I was happy when it became available at Amazon, but then it disappeared for some time. I continued to order it from USA but progressevely my sister’s condition improved considerably and she does not now have to use it so often as at the beginning. In fact it almost a year now since I last sent her a bottle, which was a two months’ supply, and she is fine.
Then I too developed a nerve problem following a double hernia operation for which I was using a prescription cream and my Doctor was suggesting an operation. I tried Nutrinerve and I have been taking it for 3 month now and my conditions is much better. I don’t think I will need the operation after all.
Nutrinerve does do what its sellers say it does. I would recommend it to anybody who has a nerve problem to try it.  You would be pleasantly surprised. It is not cheap nut it is good value.

Edward L, London
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