Are you suffering from chronic pain? Or do you know someone having a hard time dealing with nerve damage? Well, the first thing you should know is that neuropathy symptoms are triggered by an injury, infection, or common disease. 

Luckily, there is a natural pain relief supplement that can help your body heal. Experts say that curing the source of nerve damage can do wonders for your wellbeing! 

Neuropathy pain: how is it different? 

You should know it is normal to experience pain after an injury or sickness. The nervous system automatically sends a signal alerting the body of a painful injury. 

But when it comes to neuropathy pain, trauma doesn’t necessarily equal feeling hurt. Neuropathy is a condition that causes spontaneous and painful sensations.  

Studies suggest that up to 10% of the population has some type of neuropathic pain. For some, it can get better over time, but for most, it gradually gets worse. 

Experts say that neuropathy pain is different from nerve pain. Those are similar, but nerve pain has a distinct set of characteristics: 

  • anyone with diabetes can develop nerve pain  
  • cancer, shingles, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, and HIV can cause nerve pain 
  • vitamin deficiencies are highly common among neuropathy patients 

So, the idea here is that for some patients, neuropathy pain can be triggered by trauma. But for others, it has as the primary cause nerve pain as a side effect of specific health problems. 

Is there any remedy for nerve pain? 

The first thing you need to know is that the cause for the nerve pain and neuropathy symptoms will indicate which treatment is best.  

Doctors say that the best approach is to reverse the cause of nerve pain 

There is a natural nerve pain supplement that can help you overcome those symptoms! 

NutriNerve consists of an innovative formula that can help your body heal and restore nerve health 

A recent study on type 2 diabetes and neuropathy patients shows that Metanx for nerve pain doesn’t improve the symptoms. Dr. Aaron Vinik, Director of Research and the Neuroendocrine Unit, says that NutriNerve and Metanx can work together to help the body overcome nerve pain and neuropathy pain 

Dr. Vinik is the one who created NutriNerve to diminish neuropathy pain. This disorder that disrupts the normal functioning of the nervous system can be debilitating. 

But research reveals that the unique composition of NutriNerve can feed the body the necessary nutrients to deal with the leading cause of nerve damage: oxidative stress. 

Dr. Vinik’s formula can offer pain relief thanks to the high content of: 

  • Gamma-linolenic Acid 
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid 
  • Vitamin B1 and B12 
  • Vitamin D 

This formula can improve the quality of life and support nerve health. Studies indicate that after regular intake of NutriNerve, patients experience less: 

  • burning pain in the feet 
  • numbness 
  • loss of coordination 
  • pins, needles, and tingling 

Final word 

Nerve pain can prevent you from enjoying life. But with the help of Dr. Vinik’s formula, you can benefit from a significant improvement and decrease in neuropathy symptoms. NutriNerve can help you skip the side effects of common nerve pain medication while helping your body heal. 

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