Nerve pain management can diminish pain and help the body heal. And it is a growing specialty that focuses on novel approaches to treat several conditions. Dr. Aaron Vinik, M.D., director of the Research and Neuroendocrine Unit at Eastern Virginia Medical School and Strelitz Diabetes Research Center, dedicated his career to helping patients with neuropathy and nerve pain.  

According to Dr. Vinik, there are specific guidelines on how to relieve painbut he believes patients can experience a notable decrease in chronic pain if they take specific steps. 

For example, physicians set goals for their patients to achieve some relief. But in some cases, there might be a need for vitamin supplements to help the body recover. 

Why Are Pain Management Goals Important? 

There are many kinds of aches and pains. These can result from injury, disease, or surgery. And technology and science do their best to explore the benefits of taking vitamins for inflammation and pain. 

Studies reveal that patients with chronic pain can benefit from visiting physical therapists and counselors to help them overcome the discomfort. Less attention to pain and more focus on healing the body represents the first step to pain management. 

Your brain can be “trained” to deal with discomfort better, thus “rewiring” its pain management approach. And many doctors recommend this first step because medical approaches cannot deal with all forms of pain. 

The step to follow after gaining this awareness is taking vitamins to deal with nerve pain. 

Is There Such Thing As Pain-Fighting Vitamins For Nerve Pain Management? 

The short answer is YES! 

Dr. Vinik’s work revolves around this topic. He aimed to prove that pain can be controlled and even eliminated by regular intake of healing nutrients. It’s no secret we all need vitamins to be healthy. But exactly which vitamins can help you eliminate pains and aches is cutting edge research. 

Studies show that the antioxidant properties in specific vitamins prevent the onset of nerve tissue damage and inflammation. This signifies that if you suffer from heart disease and chronic pain, you most likely have inflammation that can be controlled by daily intake of vitamins. 

1 Vitamin D Can Diminish Pain 

Scientists believe that intense cramps and chronic pain can be lessened with Vitamin D intake. A small study on menstrual pain revealed that women who take Vitamin D before their cycle experience less pelvic pain. And the good news is, this vitamin can be used for nerve pain management, too. 

2 Vitamin C Can Strengthen The Immune System And Decrease Inflammation 

Another interesting finding is that Vitamin C intake can help the body deal with inflammation and chronic pain. Scientists believe that Vitamin C helps the immune system offer an adequate immune response, preventing further discomfort. 

3 Vitamin B12 Can Fight A Variety Of Diseases, Including Neuropathy 

Vitamin B12 supplements are excellent for patients with chronic pain and nerve damage. Some studies indicate it can help you manage low-back pain while encouraging the body to heal independently. 

An Innovative Formula Rich In Healing Vitamins To Counteract Nerve Damage 

Based on decades of research, Dr. Vinik created an innovative formula to help patients with nerve pain regain control over their lives. 

NutriNerve is a nerve pain supplement rich in Vitamin D, C, and B12. This composition can help the body heal while diminishing pain and discomfort. Moreover, NutriNerve comes with a high Alpha Lipoic Acid and Gamma-Linolenic Acid dose that can aid with pain management. 


NutriNerve is a natural nerve pain supplement and is excellent at helping you get relief from: 

  • Stabbing pains in the feet (foot neuropathy) 
  • Numbness/insensitivity to touch or pain 
  • Burning sensations in the feet, hands, and/or lower legs 
  • Extreme sensitivity to touch 
  • Sharp pains or cramps 
  • Loss of Balance or Coordination 

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