The symptoms of neuropathy or nerve damage depend on a number of factors. Generally, the signs and symptoms of neuropathy depend on the type of nerves that are affected i.e. sensory, motor and automatic. There are different kinds of neuropathy that can severely affect all the three types of nerves.

nerve pain

Peripheral neuropathy occurs when the nerves connecting the brain and spinal cord to other body parts get damaged and do not function. This type of neuropathy can eventually develop to dysesthesia- the patient’s sense of touch is affected. The following symptoms are present:

♦ Tingling sensations in hand and feet

♦ Sharp, stabbing pains

♦ Feet numbness

♦ Excessive sweating

♦ Thinning of the skin

Automatic neuropathy occurs when automatic nerves are affected. This kind of nerve damage affects body’s internal organs and involuntary functions. The patients may experience the following symptoms:

♦ Coordination problems

♦ Diarrhea

♦ Nausea and vomiting

♦ Bladder incontinence

♦ Low blood pressure

♦ Tachycardia- accelerated heartbeat

Damage to sensory nerves is often referred to as sensorimotor polyneuropathy. Usually, the patients experience initial symptoms on their hands, feet, arms and legs. The signs and symptoms include:

♦ Painful burning sensations

♦ Muscle weakness

♦ Prickling and tingling sensation

♦ Coordination problems

♦ Sharp stabbing pains in hands & feet

When to see a doctor

When you experience neuropathy symptoms such as tingling sensations, abnormal numbness, weakness in hands and feet, you must make a visit to a doctor. The earlier you are diagnosed, the better treatment you will get and chances are more likely for controlling the symptoms. Also, it will help in preventing further damage. Moreover, the doctors will help you with symptoms that trigger depression and affect sleep.

Also, if have a cut on your foot or you graze your foot and it does not appear healing properly, you should visit a doctor.

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